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To describe the various Chinese cusines would be to describe China at vast Country divided into many provinces by mountain ranges and rivers.Each cusines is a reflection of the people and customs in a province.

We hope to introduce your sense of taste to a new authentic Chinese cusine, Szechuan Spicy hot dishes are predominant to the Szechuan cusine and these dishes are prepared in there distince categories.

1.Mild Hot & Spicy
2.Hot & Spicy
3.Very Hot & Spicy

For your convenience, we print all the hot dishes in red pepper. Please advise our waiter distinctly which category you desire to avoid errors.

However, for non-spicy eaters, we will be happy to eliminate the hot spicy flavorings from your favorite dishes.

Should your favorite dish not be listed here, Please describe your desire to us, we will gladly have our experienced chiefs prepare them for you. If you are allergic to certain spices of food, please let the waiter know in advance, so we may make special arrangements to be attentive to your wishes.

We are most honored to welcome you to our establishment and we are welcome your comments and criticisms.